The Importance of YouTube B2B Marketing

youtube b2b marketingIn our article about using content in B2B marketing, we discussed how many B2B companies have been slow to adopt social media in their marketing plans, including—or especially—YouTube.

YouTube is not a particularly new social network, but it holds an enviable position in the world of social media due, in no small part, to its relationship with Google. In fact, YouTube is actually the second largest search engine on the internet, meaning your potential customers and clients are likely using it to find important information and content.

If your B2B company isn’t already incorporating YouTube B2B marketing in your marketing plan, you may want to start.

Why YouTube is a Fantastic Medium

Google, the world’s largest search engine, owns YouTube. If your company is doing any work with search engine optimization (SEO), local or otherwise, YouTube is a must according to Google’s ranking methodology. Google Search reserves a select few spaces on the top of the search results page for YouTube videos boasting certain keyword combinations.

For instance, if you include the phrase “how to” before your search query, more often than not one of the first results will be a YouTube video. This fact allows some clever companies to jump the queue, so to speak, by adding videos with appropriate keywords to their websites, giving them a boost when it comes to page ranking and an edge over competitors.

Enhanced SEO Coming Soon

Google is working hard to implement technology that will allow them to scan the audio files attached to video files for keywords, thus impacting search results. This means that highly viewed videos with good keywords in their scripts will, at some point, become incredible traffic drivers.

Setting the stage now and adding keywords to your video dialogue—before the feature is actually released—will give you a strong edge over companies and organizations who begin adopting these behaviors later on. Consider adding enriched video copy to the current and future phases of your YouTube B2B marketing plan.

Interactive Content

Did you know you can use the YouTube annotations feature to do some really, really cool stuff? You can make interactive question-and-answer videos, embed links to external sites or other videos you have, and make it very simple for others to create and upload video responses. Get the most out of your YouTube presence and amplify your Youtube B2B marketing efforts by making your video content interactive and engaging for your viewers.

Content Marketing Works Better than Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is great and should make up a large part of a company’s marketing plan. That being said, content marketing is shaping up to be a big part of the future. If you can create compelling, valuable video content that your customer base actually wants to view and share, it will go a long way toward differentiating your company from your competitors.

YouTube’s influence is quickly growing, making it a fantastic medium to add to your marketing plan.

To learn more about how to use YouTube to create valuable content, contact us. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section if you agree, disagree, or have more reasons why YouTube is so important!

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