Built to Last: The Story of the Boston General Store

Boston General Store Holiday Shopping

During this holiday shopping season, you’ll likely encounter dozens of e-commerce stores. We’d like to personally point out one who we have worked with closely and stands apart from the rest: The Boston General Store.

If you’re lucky, you meet a special, once-in-a-lifetime kind of person that will alter the course of your life forever. For April Gabriel, owner and founder of Boston General Store, that person is her Nanna.

The Story behind the Boston General Store

April’s Nanna taught her that, “not everything had to be disposable.” Boston General Store opened their online doors in 2013. And they had one goal in mind: promote and sell simply-made products that were built to last.

Nanna The Boston General Store

April’s passion for stocking quality goods is more than just a motto. Unlike so many other e-commerce businesses, the Boston General Store doesn’t stock a single item that April hasn’t used and approved herself. With tons of competition in the online retail industry, April wants to provide customers with products they would love and cherish for years to come.

When searching for products for her store, April looks for vendors who are passionate and excited about their own product. She also looks at how the product is made and what materials are used. She tests the product herself to see if the quality holds up. If it passes these tests, it gets the Boston General Store seal of approval.

Boston General Store website


Passion for Finding the Best Quality Products

The makers of the Boston General Store’s products aren’t the only ones excited about their goods. The store’s success has spawned two physical locations. And their online business has never been stronger.

Boston General Store products

It’s easy to see why the Boston General Store has found success. April’s passion for finding responsibly-made products shows in their product selection and their online presence. Many of the store’s products also help support a worthy cause.

Success hasn’t come easy, though. Because of their mission to sell products that are made to last, many of their goods cost more than their cheaper counterparts. And convincing customers to buy a costly product can be difficult. Fortunately, April and her brand have managed to infuse everything they do with their passion, including their marketing efforts.


Finding the Right Vendors is Like Finding the Right Gift

You’ll find a blog that’s filled with gift ideas nestled in their website. They give insight into the life of April and her crew. The blog content goes above and beyond to offer value to the reader. From tips on planning a camping trip to picking the perfect gift for an upcoming party, the blog posts deliver useful and interesting information.

Standing out from the blog posts are stories behind the makers of their products. These articles pave the way for customers to discover and explore brands they otherwise didn’t know existed. This furthers the personal connection April strives to create with her brand. It helps customers see April’s store as a company that truly cares about their business and the people they interact with.

A Powerful Message and Putting the Customer First

Much like creating a smooth experience in-store, creating a smooth journey on Boston General Store’s online website aims to better the customer’s shopping experience. This is a top priority of Fired Up Digital. We worked together to strengthen the marketing efforts for them. And after an in-depth audit of their website, we came up with strategies to boost traffic and increase conversion. Our team conducted diligent and effective keyword research across their entire product line, better use of tags, page layout, and much more to achieve this.

While our efforts led to an increase in traffic and conversions for Boston General Store, none of it would have mattered had April not created such a unique brand with such a powerful message.

Boston General Store Holiday Decor

Nanna’s belief that things should be built to last made a lasting impact on April. She has in turn carried the torch and helped thousands of people appreciate finely-crafted goods that can be passed on for generations. April is even in the midst of creating her own product line that will be launched in 2018. While Boston General Store only began in 2013, we have a feeling they’re a lot like the products they carry: built to last.

There are countless online retailers, but there’s only one Boston General Store.

Visit Boston General General for your holiday shopping! Also visit Fired Up Digital to see how we can boost your marketing this season!

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