solar-panels_Photo courtesy of PixabayAre you tired of paying too much for solar leads that are not exclusive?

Do you want inquiries from solar energy market prospects who are ready to become customers instead of tire-kickers who never buy?

What about a 20% decrease in average spend per single signup?

At Fired Up Digital, we have worked with many solar companies, found out what mattered to them and developed a marketing system that continues to address these issues.

Our proven, proprietary solar lead generation system helps you reach the potential customers most likely to do business with you.

We once stopped a solar installer from throwing $16,000+ out the window for just a few leads. Using our system, we got them a few hundred leads for far less.

Our system narrows your search, enhances your social marketing strategy, helps you build relationships and doubles your quality leads in no time. Best of all, we’ll offer you a free, 30-minute consultation so that we can decide on a plan that’s best for you.

Think of our methods as your “secret sauce” to get qualified solar leads. Book your free strategy session now.

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We put great care and effort into tracking solar conversions, and no conversion goes unattributed. We set up a customized system for each client (with no additional work on the part of that client) consisting of newly developed landing pages, monitored signups, phone calls, weekly status reports and feedback on all activities. Our clients have seen:

  • A 38.9% decrease in cost per acquisition/conversion
  • A 57% increase in click-through rate
  • A 32% decrease in cost-per-click in Google AdWords

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If that isn’t enough to get your attention, these facts about Fired Up Digital might:

  • We have a proven track record with solar marketing for solar lead generation.
  • We know your time is valuable. Spend it running your solar business and closing the sales our leads will generate for you.
  • We stay up-to-date on new features and evolutions in online marketing, which means you get to stay focused on your company’s big picture.
  • We maximize your budget as if it were our own, ensuring you get the biggest ROI.
  • We only work with solar installers who want to grow their businesses. If your business earns more than $1 million in annual revenue and you want to grow, contact us.
  • We value your team’s time, so we only target appropriate, quality leads within the solar energy market—the leads that bring in conversions.
  • We manage proper follow-up sequencing for your quality leads so that you don’t have to.
  • We staff subject matter experts that handle all facets of your solar marketing efforts with little to no time commitment on your part.
  • We go above and beyond your expectations to revolutionize your solar marketing strategy and ROI.

Our clients love us. Check out our testimonials for proof.

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solar-panels-1477987_1920We have our own proprietary process that is engineered toward generating leads for your solar business. Our five-step solar lead generation system includes:

  • Customization – We work with you to brand our system for your company.
  • Attraction – We attract leads to your branded page using the latest methods.
  • Lead conversion – We lead with customized content and copy that addresses the pain points of your clients, positioning you as an authority who can solve them.
  • Lead nurturing – We nurture quality leads with branded, educational communication to encourage conversions. Clients are targeted with upsell opportunities.
  • Bringing back leads – Our system is created to revive cold leads,
    increasing your changes of closing them.



At Fired Up Digital, we believe so strongly in our system that we’re willing to give you a risk-free guarantee. Once everything is set up, we will achieve the quality solar leads we agree upon or you will not pay until we do. If we cannot deliver on what we promise, you should not have to pay.

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