Marketing Automation Agency Approach to Closing More Sales: Lead Engine Optimization (LEO)

Do you feel like you are doing marketing and getting in front of prospects, but they are not converting into wins as quickly or as reliable as they should be? Do you wonder why? The answer is simple. You need a holistic system that nurtures the relationship with your leads – efficiently and effectively – so that your sales team will only go after marketing-qualified leads. Our marketing automation agency can help.

Lead Engine Optimization (LEO) A System to Automate Sales from Your Friendly Marketing Automation Agency

Marketing Automation Agency Approach to Closing Sales: Picture of a Lead Engine Optimization (LEO) Funnel
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LEO drives marketing success through four meticulously planned stages, from strategy to execution. Each stage utilizes tools, our guidance, and your expertise to implement a multi-functioning system for your business. LEO is a system that builds stronger relationships with prospects, that automates time-consuming tasks, that helps you stay in front of and convert your prospects. All of which are necessary to drive higher conversions and better results.

Think of LEO as customized internet marketing meeting impactful automation.

Stages of the Lead Engine Optimization (LEO) process

1. Blueprinting and Implementation

Use the initial stage of LEO to gain a thorough understanding of your current target client, business, and industry landscape via a multitude of assessments. Use these assessments to then discover opportunities and areas that need improvement in your sales and marketing funnel. Build these changes into a roadmap that will boost your sales and conversions.

2. Lead Conversion

Your website will finally convert ideal prospects with better-incentivized calls to action. The people visiting your website will go to landing pages specially designed to give them valuable content in exchange for their contact information. This lead engine optimization strategy builds an email list you can market to. Examples of content that convert are white papers, video trainings, or webinars.

3. Cultivation

Apply the best practices of marketing automation to your campaign by using lead scoring and automated follow-ups. We will set up drip campaigns to position you as an authority to your prospects by building out nurture sequences. And using lead scoring, we move leads along the sales funnel so your sales reps focus their time on those who have a higher likelihood of converting.

4. Reactivation

If a lead goes cold, they will flow through a reactivation campaign where we re-engage them with email marketing, and retargeting based on their interest and previous interactions.

5. Close

Your sales team is alerted about the high-priority leads by the seamless integration with your CRM. They can then follow up with leads that already have a relationship with your company, leading to better ratios of closed sales.


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