Is SEO Really Free if You Do It Yourself?

SEO methodsDo you have a website?


Have you heard of Google?

Of course.

How do you get people from Google to come to your website?

SEO. Read on.


4 Things to Know About SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge buzzword in the website marketing world. SEO refers to making a particular website as visible as possible in digital search results, giving your company the best chance to attract customers. No SEO throughout your company’s digital space means it’s almost impossible for new customers to find your site. Big takeaway here? SEO is a MUST. Keep reading for the pros and cons of handling SEO yourself, as well as those of hiring an external marketing team.

For SEO, You Must Know Your Company

Understanding your business and the types of consumers you want to target is the first crucial element to SEO and digital marketing.

Because SEO relies heavily on keywords—those are the words that consumers are searching in regards to a product, service or company—knowing what you do and who you want to know about it is pretty key. Internal employees will have an edge in terms of knowing your brand, messaging and imaging.

External marketing partners will employ subject matter experts fluent in the art of digital marketing, giving them the edge in terms of SEO and how to use it. You will, however, have to help your marketing partner learn about your brand.

[Bonus] Keep in mind:

It is less time consuming for an external marketing partner to learn your company’s brand than for your staff to learn SEO, but that doesn’t mean that one or the other is the correct option for you. Making an informed decision about your company’s abilities and needs is the only way to decide if internal or external SEO management is the right move.

SEO is Constantly Changing

Every year hundreds of evolutions are made to Google regarding how they display search results. So many different rules are rolled out each year that keeping up with the continual changes is almost a job in and of itself. Things that worked even a year ago might be completely obsolete now (or might even hurt your efforts).

Having the time to follow new trends—as well as understand how to implement them—is critical for digital success. When you or your staff are the ones putting in this time, your focus is taken away from other day-to-day operations at your company. Outsourcing this task to an external marketing partner gives you back the time you would have spent on learning and implementing SEO tactics.

Consider Your Company’s Future

Melodramatic as it may sound, the SEO status of your company’s website does a lot for the lifeblood of your sales funnel. Putting the wellbeing of your company in your own hands means that you are trusting yourself to develop the same level of SEO expertise that marketing agencies already have in spades. If you have the time and dedication to do this, that’s fantastic.

One thing to think about, though, is that marketing agencies have likely worked with clients across multiple industries, meaning they know exactly what to do to really set their clients up for long term success.

The Bottom Line

SEO is time consuming, but it’s worth it. Okay, it’s actually essential. It brings traffic to your site if you invest the time and resources to make it happen. If you choose not to hire an outside marketing agency to help with your SEO efforts, it is extremely important to develop the expertise to understand how to make it work. If you hire a marketing agency, make sure that group has the right processes in place to generate the results you need. (

If you hire a marketing agency, make sure that group has the right processes in place to generate the results you need. (See our post on the biggest things you must consider in evaluating a consultant or an agency for more information on this). Then make sure that group is doing what they say they are doing.

Do You Want to Gamble with Something This Important?

Get a second opinion about your marketing needs before you partner with the agency, and stay abreast of all developments and results throughout your contract with them. Lastly, work with a company that is committed to explaining their tactics to you, helping you to understand where the results are coming from and how the plan is working. This will help you not only keep up with your company’s growing success, but also help you gain a toehold in digital marketing that will help with future marketing initiatives.

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