We are a dedicated team of people making sure your business stays current, relevant and impactful amongst the competition. We are also a fun, flexible and sustainable team that is continuously improving our bottom line, but also developing our skills to provide unequaled services to our clients according to best practices. We are committed to growing as individuals and professionals, evolving in our team roles, and caring about our teammates and our communities.

Candi Hamilton Walker

Candi Hamilton Walker is the Client Service Director specializing in agency operations, marketing and project management. With backgrounds in both B2B and B2C media and account management, her strategic toolbox includes research design, digital outreach, traditional media, grassroots marketing, public relations and special events.

Candi has extensive experience in positioning respected national, regional and local brands as leaders in their industries. She spent a decade in WPP’s global media investment arm where she led efforts for several of GroupM/Mindshare’s Fortune 500 clients. Past clients include Ford Motor Company, Delta Air Lines, the United States Marine Corps and Burger King. Candi spends her downtime camping, scuba diving and perusing local farmers’ markets.

Mabel Lynch

Mabel Lynch is the VP of Strategic Planning Business Development. Mabel has extensive experience in understanding, using, and building products and services that solve problems both for clients and for companies. Her diverse background in product, risk management, sales and trading allows her the ability to meticulously identify user's needs across various industries, and to build effective go-to-market strategies.

Prior to joining Fired Up, Mabel was at Lehman Brothers, Nomura International, CLSA and Fidelity. She has done work both domestically and overseas, giving her expert perspectives into financial technology and operations of large international corporations. In her spare time, Mabel enjoys spending time with family and friends, and traveling to sample the wonderful cultures across the globe.

Pavle Radeka

Pavle Radeka is the Director of PPC and SEO at Fired Up Digital and has been working in various digital marketing niches—specializing in PPC and SEO - for the last decade. Through working in different agencies and companies in an expert capacity, Pavle has developed a deep understanding of how to best meet client needs, control costs and develop cost-effective strategies for implementing optimized content. He has worked on diverse projects ranging from forex brokers to small family businesses and everything in between.

Pavle firmly believes in providing easy to understand information to clients and helping them reach rational decisions. He is an avid reader and music fan and has a background in journalism.

Marina Milutinović

Marina Milutinović is the lead Marketing Specialist at Fired Up Digital. Passionate about language and communications, she graduated with a major in Japanese and a minor in English and has worked as both an English teacher and a freelance translator in the past. Marina has years of experience in marketing and information technology for the translation and online marketing industries. She is responsible for much of the company’s online marketing intricacies including social media and metrics reporting, managing social media content, SEO keyword research and optimization and competitive research.

When Marina isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her friends, dancing, and playing badminton and darts.