Organic Traffic: An AllTheRooms Case Study

organic traffic case studyWhen travel accommodations company AllTheRooms first started working with us, it was an innovative startup with a goal to help travelers around the world “find the sweet spot” for overnight stays.

Offering several different types of rooms—hotels, apartments, hostels and more—in worldwide locations, boasting a variety of amenities and information on ratings and aesthetics, AllTheRooms wanted to position itself as the go-to travel accommodation comparison and booking site.

As such, AllTheRooms wanted to drastically, and quickly, improve its SEO to get the most organic traffic possible. After a full technical audit that uncovered multiple opportunities for increased organic traffic, we went to work. To see our efforts, check out our case study.

How We Revolutionized AllTheRooms’ Organic Traffic

organic traffic 1organic traffic 2

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