3 Key Marketing Customer Acquisition Tips

If you have ever been frustrated by the cost of acquiring new customers, keep reading.

One of the hardest business elements to control is soft costs, especially where acquisition of new customers is involved.

That’s where we come in.

We’re going to help you improve your tactics to improve marketing customer acquisition.

The Issues with Customer Acquisition

In a world full of constant information streaming and a hundred engagements pulling us in different directions at the same time, lead acquisition can either fall through the cracks or get severely trimmed down. It takes a lot of time, effort and resources to find new customers, suss out quality leads and then educate them about the reasons your company or product is the right fit.

It’s also extremely difficult for your sales team to come up with a basic quote and set up and appointment before the potential lead has moved on to look at other companies.

This is true of pretty much all sales departments in all companies: once a potential client’s window of interest has passed, it’s nearly impossible to get them interested again.

How do you combat this? Speed and efficiency. Automation and tracking resource metrics will help you get the right members of your team ready and waiting to tackle these warm leads. Here’s how.

Quick Tips for Overhauling Your New Customer Acquisition Plan

1. Categorize your leads.

Every lead has a warmth factor associated with it. It’s that level of interest displayed by the potential customers—very casual interest would be a colder lead, and a client needing to switch to a new provider would be a warmer one.

2. Rank your sales staff.

Tried and true sales reps know what they’re doing and can absolutely revolutionize your marketing customer acquisition efforts. Rank your staff by their ability to close deals, and give the hottest leads to the next available highest ranking sales rep. This will ensure that the people who are looking to close deals are paired with the sales team members who best know how to make that happen.

3. Keep in contact with warm leads.

Even the best sales rep might not be able to close every deal, so it is important to stay in email and phone contact with your warm leads no matter what. Use your emails to educate your potential clients on your company and services, and use phone calls to remain top-of-mind. Better yet, create landing pages to quickly and easily direct these warm leads to the information they need.

4. [Bonus] Understand your closed deals.

Go back over every deal that is closed and analyze how it was done. Learn what is working, synthesize it, and get that information to the rest of your sales staff—especially those in the higher ranks. Similarly, go over your unclosed deals to see what isn’t working, and give sales reps the information they need to get out of the open-deal-loop forever.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can avoid costly mistakes with your marketing customer acquisition plans? Let’s set up a call and talk about it today. Or, if you’d rather, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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