IT Lead Generation and Converting Lost Visitors

IT lead generationYou spend money, time and effort attracting people to your website, but they leave without converting. If you could, you would likely bring those people back and convert them to clients.

What if we said you could bring them back?

Converting lost visitors is as simple as adjusting your strategy, and we have a solution that will bring you enhanced IT lead generation. That means plenty of new business that will dramatically increase your revenue.

5 Tips for IT Lead Generation and Converting Lost Visitors

To convert lost visitors and focus your efforts on IT lead generation, you must follow these five steps:

1. Understand what is happening. Oftentimes owners do not know how visitors react when on a website. We advise our clients to track everything so they can make better decisions. Here are a few tracking tools that can be very helpful for understanding your website’s visitors:

  • Mouseflow is software that maps how users interact the website in real time, recording their visits as they move throughout your site. You can learn quite a lot about how individuals interact with your content just by watching the Mouseflow-captured screen.
  • is similar in that it also gives you heat maps, tracking the ways your visitors interact with different areas of your website. This helps you see where visitors are spending the most—and least—amount of time.

2. Retarget to re-attract. Retargeting is the process of using targeted advertisements—usually through demographics or IP addresses—to attract visitors to your website (and thus create new IT lead generation).

Let’s say a user comes to your website, is on the site for 30 to 40 seconds, and then just leaves. You are able to retarget this visitor simply because he has visited your site. Bring him back by showing him an ad for your business on other websites he visits, having your business pop up in banner ads at the top or on the sides of the page. This will make him feel that you have a really big internet presence on other sites he visits (and help you do so without busting your advertising budget).

Multiple platforms show ads to users these days, including Google (through AdWords), Facebook ads, or more custom solutions like Criteo or AdRoll.

3. Capture visitors’ attention. Let’s say that a visitor does click on the retargeting ad. How do you capture his attention this time around?

Make sure that the ad focuses on something that makes him interested in coming back, and that the landing page isn’t your homepage or your services page. We suggest having a specific landing page with a very clear call to action that addresses what your visitor wants.

An all-encompassing solution is to have a visitor leave his name and email address so you can reach out to him and have a personalized conversation.

4. Always follow up. Once a user leaves you his email address, you must initiate a follow-up sequence. This typically includes relevant emails at regular intervals so that you stay top-of-mind. Once that visitor gives you his email address and permission to contact him, you have the opportunity to engage him in e-dialogue for as long as you want, depending on how he behaves (converting versus unsubscribing) and how hot of a lead he is.

5. Track your results. All interactions with your website should be captured using Google Analytics so you know when a visitor completes one of your goals, like submitting contact information, or perusing different sectors of your website. Tracking what the user does, as well as what leads him to leave your website, helps you to improve your overall process.

Collecting contact information allows you to upload connections from the landing page data to the IT lead generation management program Salesforce, easily tracking different campaigns that generate leads and how well you are doing with closing them. In short, tracking results gives you a way to measure your success, giving you clear metrics so that you know what is working and where to make changes in your strategy.

To learn more about converting lost website visitors to leads for your IT company, contact us.

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