5 Advantages to Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Marketing Needs

Digital marketing can be a pain, and hiring a marketing agency to handle all of your marketing needs can take a huge burden off of you and your staff.

Each member of your team has a full plate already, and when you add extra marketing initiatives to the mix, something is going to fall through the cracks (—hint, probably the marketing initiatives!).

Or, worse, you could waste thousands of dollars with either poor marketing tactics or missing something that could be bringing in big revenue.

Read on to learn how your company can benefit from partnering with an external digital marketing agency (Spoiler alert: you’ll earn more money!).

How Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Improves Your Bottom Line

 1. You get help with marketing strategy elements you didn’t think were relevant.
Some pieces of your company’s marketing plan—like the all-important content marketing or social media marketing—get put on the back burner when you or your staff are short on time. When you partner with a team of subject matter experts at a digital marketing agency, these pieces are executed by people who specialize in them.

2. Professional agencies have all of the tools you need.
Digital marketing firms already own the tools to make the most out of marketing budgets, which means you don’t have to buy them. Agencies only charge what they need to use the tools on your behalf—i.e. the cost of creating a new account for you—instead of the full amount of the tool. Clients also get the added advantages of marketing automation tools without paying extra because the fees are included in their monthly retainer prices. (This alone can easily save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.)

3. You get more value out of all of the marketing tools.
Marketing professionals know so many ways to make the most out of automation tools. Even if you paid extra to purchase each of the tools yourself, the average client wouldn’t know how to get the same value as when a marketing agency handles automation for them. The price of a retainer includes the bonus of years and years of expertise of each marketing professional on the team, and that is pretty priceless.

4. You have the option to update your web design to improve success.
Every serious marketing agency has a web developer that can handle any back-end coding needed to track your digital marketing success. This developer takes over any hassle from you, implementing new initiatives, redesigning pages for optimum exposure, creating and optimizing landing pages, and giving you back your time and mental energy so you can focus your efforts elsewhere (like on running your business and closing sales). When a web developer handles these elements, they take much less time to complete, and they produce a higher return on investment that looks really professional.

5. You save money.
Outsourcing your marketing efforts will always cost less than paying for a full-time, in-house marketing manager. This hypothetical individual will almost always lack a lot of the skillset that a team of professionals in a marketing agency has, forcing you to have to outsource those elements anyway and pay double for the same amount of work an agency could have done.

When you partner with the right external digital marketing vendor, all elements of your business plan and marketing strategy get expertly implemented. You get access to all the expertise you need, proven methods and processes, and dramatically lowered costs. Win-win-win.

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3 thoughts on “5 Advantages to Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Marketing Needs

  1. I agree with you that hiring marketing services will save you money in the long run. While it may be another cost to the business up front, it can generate a lot of new customers for you. A business really can’t do anything if people don’t know about it. Plus, I think that marketing services are involved enough in the field to understand what new ways are worth implementing to help you get the best exposure possible.

    1. Thank you, Bernard for commenting. The way I like to think about it is that business owners are good at their specific business. They might not be great or have the time to do their marketing well. That’s when getting extra help works.

  2. I think the article made some really good points about why hiring a marketing company for your marketing needs is a good idea. I liked how it mentions that outsourcing to professionals helps you get the most out of the tools you use for your marketing needs. I think it would also prove useful since those professionals are constantly being trained on updated marketing techniques and technologies to further streamline the efficiency of your marketing tactics and increase your overall reach.

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