Fired Up Digital to Co-present at “How to Energize Your Digital Solar Marketing” Event

Fired Up Digital, Inc., is proud to announce its hosting of a free webinar for solar marketing professionals.

This solar marketing event, scheduled for 12 PM EDT on April 5, 2017, will teach solar installation companies digital marketing tips for presenting a stronger brand and earning more business.


Valuable Digital Marketing Strategies at Your Fingertips

“How to Energize Your Digital Solar Marketing” features the expertise of Maciej Godlewski, Principal of Boston-based renewable energy digital marketing agency Fired Up Digital, and Nancy Edwards, Principal of integrated marketing firm Clean Power Marketing Group. The joint webinar will offer a one-stop learning opportunity for solar marketers frustrated by the lack of best practices and proven online solar marketing strategies today.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to speak with solar installers and help them stand out from the competition,” said Godlewski. “It’s a matter of honing a company’s authentic brand story and knowing how to get it in front of their potential customers online. The webinar will help solar installation companies learn how to do it properly.”

There Will Be Freebies

Boasting key takeaways such as differentiating a company’s brand, advice on how to through digital marketing clutter, and offering proven tactics for selling more solar, the webinar will explain important digital marketing strategies that improve effectiveness of acquiring warm leads—for both B2B and B2C customers. Registrants also receive free gifts, such as the “The 5 Most Dangerous Online Advertising Trends in Solar” guide.

“We want to show solar installers how important powerful messaging and branding is to getting warm leads,” Godlewski said. “If we can get them to connect more authentically with customers, that will directly impact their bottom lines. We also will approach the problem analytically and share formulas that every solar company should know to calculate how effective each channel is for them.”

About the Webinar Hosts

Fired Up Digital is a digital marketing agency with a proven record of exceptional results in the renewable energy and solar installation space. Its proprietary blend of tailored digital marketing tactics have earned 600 percent increases in traffic, tripled revenue, and drastically reduced marketing costs. Clean Power Marketing Group specializes in branding, PR and content marketing for renewable energy companies. With clients spanning the full spectrum of renewable energy products, and deep roots in the clean energy business, its focuses on growth acceleration. Both companies are excited to help solar installers maximize their marketing methods.

The “How to Energize Your Digital Solar Marketing” webinar will be held on April 5, 2017, at 12 PM EDT. For more information on the webinar, or to register for this solar marketing event, click here.

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