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Coranet: Reliable Technology Services with a New Look

Coranet Logo

When it comes to your business, technology is the key to staying connected to your customers. Network infrastructure, security technology and audio-visual tools are critical to achieving success. They are also what Coranet does best. A leader in technology services, Coranet was one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in 2016 and 2017 and also continues to be a leader in women owned businesses. The company believes continuous improvement of through customer experience and resources is fundamental to client satisfaction. With these in mind, they have made recent changes to their brand to do just that.

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Built to Last: The Story of the Boston General Store

Boston General Store Holiday Shopping

During this holiday shopping season, you’ll likely encounter dozens of e-commerce stores. We’d like to personally point out one who we have worked with closely and stands apart from the rest: The Boston General Store.

If you’re lucky, you meet a special, once-in-a-lifetime kind of person that will alter the course of your life forever. For April Gabriel, owner and founder of Boston General Store, that person is her Nanna.

The Story behind the Boston General Store

April’s Nanna taught her that, “not everything had to be disposable.” Boston General Store opened their online doors in 2013. And they had one goal in mind: promote and sell simply-made products that were built to last.

Nanna The Boston General Store

April’s passion for stocking quality goods is more than just a motto. Unlike so many other e-commerce businesses, the Boston General Store doesn’t stock a single item that April hasn’t used and approved herself. With tons of competition in the online retail industry, April wants to provide customers with products they would love and cherish for years to come.

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3 Ways to Improve B2B SEO and Attract Better Quality Customers

Is B2B SEO Dead?

Is your company trying to reach other (maybe even larger) markets or businesses? Do you want to grow your B2B business, but you’re unsure of where to start? You have a decent online website that can attract more prospects or you want to build one because you know a large percentage of consumers’ first stop in researching a product or service today is online. You’ve heard of “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” and that it “increases B2B companies’ exposure and brand awareness”, but you’re not exactly sure how to incorporate or even approach the whole thing? Or as the cartoon above points out tongue-in-cheek, maybe your organization already assumes that SEO is dead and not necessary. Here is why that’s not the case and you need to know how to fix it if you sell to other businesses.

More than 70% of B2B buyers conduct over half their research online before making an offline purchase.*

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9 Ways to Fight Back Against Negative SEO

Parasite hosting. Backdoor hacking codes. Infected website plugins and WordPress themes.

None of that sounds good, and all those items have something in common: they represent negative search engine optimization (SEO), or “negative SEO.”

Negative SEO is essentially the use of unethical techniques to sabotage competitors’ rankings in search engines. It’s a “black hat” method for improving a website’s search engine ranking by influencing sites that outrank it with any number of nefarious means. So, instead of improving the way a search engine sees your site, you end up lowering the status of your competitors. It’s not a good thing to do, and Google is penalizing anyone it catches engaging in black hat tactics by flagging culprit sites.

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Paid Search to Enhance SEO: Marketing Tactics United

By now, you’ve likely heard about search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising. But, did you know, that when you use these strategies together you can bring in more sales?

We’re talking about marketing tactics united to create an even more impactful ROI.

In case you need a refresher on SEO, read this article, or this one, or this one. PPC refers to strategically created and placed paid ads (which feature paid keywords) around the internet designed to draw viewers toward a landing page—and ad owners pay each time a user clicks on the ad.

For the purpose of this article, though, we’re going to focus on the ads you see at the top of the search results in your favorite search engine or on Facebook.

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6 Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Highly Converting Website

When it comes to marketing your business, your website is pretty important.

It’s the face of your company, the voice of your brand, and the place where your customers and potential customers go to figure out just what you offer and why you’re so great.

Your website can just as easily turn potential customers away and cost you sales, which is why having a highly converting website is so crucial to business growth.

To help you make sure you have the best and most effective marketing strategies around, we’ve compiled a list of the six best practices to keep in mind when ensuring your website is optimized for conversions.

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7 Tips for Engaging Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, if you don’t have social media accounts for your company, you’re missing out on customers. Lots of them.

People scan social media feeds all day long, and if you want them to stop by your website, you need to be getting helpful, usable information into their newsfeeds.

Your company needs a solid and engaging social media presence to keep top-of-mind, and we’ve got tips to make sure your social media marketing is on point.

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What the Rise of Voice Search Tells Us About the Future of SEO

With voice search on smartphones, Siri, Amazon Echo, and the soon-to-be-released Google Home, we officially spend more time than ever speaking our queries to our digital devices instead of typing them out.

In fact, according Tech Times, a recent Google study found that 55 percent of teens and 41 percent of adults use hands-free voice search on a daily basis.

This leaves companies and marketers wondering one thing: if nearly half of adults and more than half of teens are using voice search, what does that mean for the future of search and search engine optimization (SEO)?

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What Google Penguin 4.0 Means for SEO

Google Penguin, a Google search ranking algorithm aimed at decreasing the visibility of websites violating Google Webmaster Guidelines, has been around since 2012.

Those Guidelines allow web page owners to optimize their content so that Google can best find, index and rank your site based on its content. This allows consumers to find websites and the services or products they showcase, and the process of optimizing this content is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

Google recently updated the Penguin algorithm, though, and the newest version means changes in how we optimize websites for search rankings.

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5 Must-Do SEO Tips

When it comes to the ever-changing world of search engine optimization (SEO), understanding exactly what needs to be done to get your website ranked in search results can be extremely tricky.

That’s why we had one of our SEO experts put together a list of five must-do SEO tips and tactics that your company should be using to boost your website’s visibility.

Read on for our quick guide and answers to some of your burning SEO questions.


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