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Built to Last: The Story of the Boston General Store

Boston General Store Holiday Shopping

During this holiday shopping season, you’ll likely encounter dozens of e-commerce stores. We’d like to personally point out one who we have worked with closely and stands apart from the rest: The Boston General Store.

If you’re lucky, you meet a special, once-in-a-lifetime kind of person that will alter the course of your life forever. For April Gabriel, owner and founder of Boston General Store, that person is her Nanna.

The Story behind the Boston General Store

April’s Nanna taught her that, “not everything had to be disposable.” Boston General Store opened their online doors in 2013. And they had one goal in mind: promote and sell simply-made products that were built to last.

Nanna The Boston General Store

April’s passion for stocking quality goods is more than just a motto. Unlike so many other e-commerce businesses, the Boston General Store doesn’t stock a single item that April hasn’t used and approved herself. With tons of competition in the online retail industry, April wants to provide customers with products they would love and cherish for years to come.

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How to Do Lead Gen the Right Way with Facebook Solar Ads

There is a problem with buying cheap solar leads.

The truth is that you don’t ever really know what you’re getting, and then you have to spends hours and hours combing through them. That’s because the leads you do get might have come from an old email list or from telemarketers calling homeowners who might not have been interested in the first place.

The bottom line? It actually takes a lot of time and money to get cheap leads that convert.

But there is a better way.

High-Quality Leads at a Lower Cost: Facebook Solar Ads

The solution is that you can generate high-quality leads at lower prices using Facebook solar ads.

How, you might ask? Because around eight out of 10 Americans who can access the internet use Facebook. That means that much of the people you want to reach are sitting there, using the platform, waiting to come across your company’s information.

When you use a platform that most people have adopted as a daily must-use, you end up with a captive audience viewing ads multiple times a day. According to SproutSocial, the average American spends an average of 40 minutes on Facebook each day.

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Paid Search to Enhance SEO: Marketing Tactics United

By now, you’ve likely heard about search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) digital advertising. But, did you know, that when you use these strategies together you can bring in more sales?

We’re talking about marketing tactics united to create an even more impactful ROI.

In case you need a refresher on SEO, read this article, or this one, or this one. PPC refers to strategically created and placed paid ads (which feature paid keywords) around the internet designed to draw viewers toward a landing page—and ad owners pay each time a user clicks on the ad.

For the purpose of this article, though, we’re going to focus on the ads you see at the top of the search results in your favorite search engine or on Facebook.

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Is Google AdWords Worth it for My Business?

is google adwords worth itIs Google AdWords worth it for your business? That’s a complicated question.

Digital marketing is a nuanced thing, and campaign elements change depending on industries and business sizes. What works for a B2C company or industry might not necessarily work for B2B.

It is important to understand exactly what works for your marketplace—otherwise, you might be throwing money away on tactics that don’t bring in any positive results.

This is especially true in pay-per-click digital advertising (PPC), and Google Adwords in particular. While PPC can bring in big revenue for some industries, it might be a major budget drainer for others. Here are five questions to help you make the decision in your specific case.
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6 Effective PPC Best Practices

You’ve clicked on an ad when perusing the internet—you know you have.

Maybe it was a great product you’ve been looking for (but haven’t decided to buy), or a webinar you thought looked interesting. Maybe it was something for your kids.

Anyway, we know you clicked on something, and that means you’re more familiar with pay-per-click digital advertising (PPC) than you thought you were.

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How Mobile Advertising is Driving the Growth of Revenue for Ad Spend This Year

We know mobile is on the rise.

In fact, search ads generated 50 percent of digital revenue in the first half of 2016, and “mobile was the driver of overall growth, with mobile search ad revenue approaching desktop levels,” according to Search Engine Land.

PwC’s “IAB internet advertising revenue report” covering the first six months of 2016 and sponsored by the Interactive Advertising Bureau cites a 19.1 percent increase in half-year revenue, and social advertising in the U.S. increasing by 57.1 percent.

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What the Facebook Video Ad Snafu Teaches Small Businesses About Digital Advertising

Earlier this month, news came out that social media mogul Facebook had inflated its reported numbers for video views (overestimating the length of watch rates by up to 60 to 80 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal).

This, of course, sparked a flurry of news activity online, including stories talking about how bad the metrics problem really was (and how far it spans).

It also spurred discussions about the lack of true transparency in digital monopolies like Facebook and Google in terms of business practices and company numbers, something that can make businesses a little wary in their future digital marketing strategies.

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5 Advantages to Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Marketing Needs

Digital marketing can be a pain, and hiring a marketing agency to handle all of your marketing needs can take a huge burden off of you and your staff.

Each member of your team has a full plate already, and when you add extra marketing initiatives to the mix, something is going to fall through the cracks (—hint, probably the marketing initiatives!).

Or, worse, you could waste thousands of dollars with either poor marketing tactics or missing something that could be bringing in big revenue.

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