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Mobile First Indexing: The New Shift in Google Ranking

Another new Google change? Yep, we’re serious.

You probably know by now that Google is constantly rolling out new elements to its search engine optimization (SEO) algorithm and ranking guidelines.

The newest component is mobile first indexing, and its effects on search results are still being counted and classified as we speak.

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The Importance of AMP for Mobile and Why Small Businesses Should Care

mobile friendlyDoes your company have a mobile-friendly website? If yes, keep reading for some useful information. If not, you’re

If not, you’re really going to want to keep reading so that you can fully understand just how important mobile-friendly websites are for search engine optimization (SEO) and search results ranking.

How mobile-friendly your website is has become even more important to your bottom line since more than half of Google’s searches happen on mobile devices. That’s more than 100 billion searches a month.

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