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5 Advantages to Hiring a Marketing Agency for Your Marketing Needs

Digital marketing can be a pain, and hiring a marketing agency to handle all of your marketing needs can take a huge burden off of you and your staff.

Each member of your team has a full plate already, and when you add extra marketing initiatives to the mix, something is going to fall through the cracks (—hint, probably the marketing initiatives!).

Or, worse, you could waste thousands of dollars with either poor marketing tactics or missing something that could be bringing in big revenue.

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Marketing Agency or a Consultant: That’s the Question

marketing agencyYour company needs help reaching its goals, and you’ve decided it’s time to work with an outside marketing expert to make that happen.

This is an exciting time, and the upcoming growth that you are about to experience should have you itching to get started.

You only have one thing left to decide: to work with a marketing consultant or to work with a marketing agency.

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We Are Proud To Be A Certified Google Partner

While many marketing specialists will become Google AdWords or Google Analytics certified, fewer go the extra mile and become an official Google Partner. We are proud to announce that Fired Up Digital has joined these ranks. Fired Up Digital is a certified Google Partner in Search Advertising, Video Ads, and Google Analytics IQ. And we are very excited to share this with you.

What Does It Mean To Be A Google Partner?

In order to earn our Google Partner badge, we had to pass a series of Google AdWords product exams, each pertaining to our different certifications. That means we are experts in Search Advertising, Videos Ads, and Google Analytics IQ. Our partnership status requires that we stay up to date with product knowledge. This ensures we provide our customers with the most accurate service.

In short: A Google Partnership badge is a sign of confidence and quality. It’s important to look for this badge (see below) when finding the right service provider for you.


What Does This Means for You?

We’ve always prided ourselves on providing our customers with the most up-to-date services. Our Google Partnership ensures that we deliver the best in these areas:

  • Google Analytics IQ: Master of Google Analytics measurement and implementation, as well as planning and configuration of campaigns.
  • Search Advertising: Proficiency in search advertising best practices, advertising on Google, developing an online marketing plan, and more.
  • Video Ads: Mastery of best practices for video advertisement on Google and YouTube, optimization for mobile video, AdWords for videos, and more.

Fired Up Digital will help you achieve your business goals using the most up-to-date tools and services. For more information on how we can boost your digital marketing, contact us to receive a complimentary strategy session.