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Coranet: Reliable Technology Services with a New Look

Coranet Logo

When it comes to your business, technology is the key to staying connected to your customers. Network infrastructure, security technology and audio-visual tools are critical to achieving success. They are also what Coranet does best. A leader in technology services, Coranet was one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies in 2016 and 2017 and also continues to be a leader in women owned businesses. The company believes continuous improvement of through customer experience and resources is fundamental to client satisfaction. With these in mind, they have made recent changes to their brand to do just that.

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Built to Last: The Story of the Boston General Store

Boston General Store Holiday Shopping

During this holiday shopping season, you’ll likely encounter dozens of e-commerce stores. We’d like to personally point out one who we have worked with closely and stands apart from the rest: The Boston General Store.

If you’re lucky, you meet a special, once-in-a-lifetime kind of person that will alter the course of your life forever. For April Gabriel, owner and founder of Boston General Store, that person is her Nanna.

The Story behind the Boston General Store

April’s Nanna taught her that, “not everything had to be disposable.” Boston General Store opened their online doors in 2013. And they had one goal in mind: promote and sell simply-made products that were built to last.

Nanna The Boston General Store

April’s passion for stocking quality goods is more than just a motto. Unlike so many other e-commerce businesses, the Boston General Store doesn’t stock a single item that April hasn’t used and approved herself. With tons of competition in the online retail industry, April wants to provide customers with products they would love and cherish for years to come.

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Big Content Distribution on a Small Advertising Budget

“Content is king!” used to be the rallying cry of online marketers. It’s still true.

We live in a content-driven world. Every current and potential customer is expecting more content from your business, but that can get tough.

After all, countless companies, products, colleagues, thought leaders, celebrities and more are already constantly engaging in massive content distribution.

The problem, of course, is getting your content in front of readers—and not just any readers, but the right readers. The ones that have a need for your services. The ones who want to convert. You know, the people you want to purchase from you, or share your information with the decision makers in their companies.

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