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3 Ways to Improve B2B SEO and Attract Better Quality Customers

Is B2B SEO Dead?

Is your company trying to reach other (maybe even larger) markets or businesses? Do you want to grow your B2B business, but you’re unsure of where to start? You have a decent online website that can attract more prospects or you want to build one because you know a large percentage of consumers’ first stop in researching a product or service today is online. You’ve heard of “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” and that it “increases B2B companies’ exposure and brand awareness”, but you’re not exactly sure how to incorporate or even approach the whole thing? Or as the cartoon above points out tongue-in-cheek, maybe your organization already assumes that SEO is dead and not necessary. Here is why that’s not the case and you need to know how to fix it if you sell to other businesses.

More than 70% of B2B buyers conduct over half their research online before making an offline purchase.*

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Ultimate Guide On How To Fix Your B2B Lead Nurturing Campaign

Your marketing is on-point, your campaigns are aggressive and your products are all valuable, right? So why are most of your leads failing to make it through the funnel?

You’re getting leads, but your sales just aren’t where you want them to be. How come??

Hint: It’s your lead nurture that’s the problem

The Problem with Some Popular Models for a B2B Lead Nurturing Campaign

Every company needs leads, otherwise, you won’t have any customers. 61% of companies say their biggest hurdle is generating high-quality leads. In fact, 73% of B2B leads aren’t ready for sales. Let’s say your sales teams climb over this initial hurdle and generate a ton of quality leads, but what about nurturing them? The bigger question is, do you have the right systems in place to nurture them through the funnel? If you’re selling products or services to other companies, you have a long sales cycle so you need the right lead nurturing campaign in place.
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Marketing Agency or a Consultant: That’s the Question

marketing agencyYour company needs help reaching its goals, and you’ve decided it’s time to work with an outside marketing expert to make that happen.

This is an exciting time, and the upcoming growth that you are about to experience should have you itching to get started.

You only have one thing left to decide: to work with a marketing consultant or to work with a marketing agency.

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Partnering with a Local SEO Company

local seo company partnershipWriting this is therapeutic for me. We’ve worked with multiple businesses as their local search engine optimization (SEO) partner, and we talk to dozens of other businesses about it.

When you’ve focused on local SEO as much as we have, certain patterns emerge.

In concept, local SEO sounds great: your business comes up on the first page in the local search results or the Google Map when people in your area search for you. However, as with most things in life, you have to work hard to get the results you want. This is where partnering with a local SEO company becomes very important.

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The Importance of YouTube B2B Marketing

youtube b2b marketingIn our article about using content in B2B marketing, we discussed how many B2B companies have been slow to adopt social media in their marketing plans, including—or especially—YouTube.

YouTube is not a particularly new social network, but it holds an enviable position in the world of social media due, in no small part, to its relationship with Google. In fact, YouTube is actually the second largest search engine on the internet, meaning your potential customers and clients are likely using it to find important information and content.

If your B2B company isn’t already incorporating YouTube B2B marketing in your marketing plan, you may want to start.

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Optimize Digital Marketing Efforts with Email Segmentation

Does your business have an email list? For most of you, I’m sure the answer is yes. Most businesses have a large collection of email addresses gathered from prospective clients, opt-in options and even from previous customers.

For many businesses, particularly those with a significant online presence, a mailing list is one of the most powerful and important tools for growing your business.

While many articles focus on how to best monetize your list, we want you to understand something even more important and actionable: email segmentation and the many ways it can personalize your email marketing interactions.

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How to Use Content Marketing in B2B Marketing

Content marketing is a phrase that’s often thrown around in the marketing community.

Most of the conversations and practices surrounding it, however, are based on the model of B2C, where brands focus on connecting with the individual customers interested in their product.

But how do you most effectively utilize content marketing when your target customer isn’t an individual at all, but a company? In this post, we will explore and explain how you can use content marketing in your B2B marketing mix.

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