Do you want to increase your sales and website traffic without wasting money to get results? We specialize in generating more sales for companies.

At Fired Up Digital, we are a Boston-area digital marketing agency founded on a single principle: delivering measurable, tangible results to each and every client. We help local, regional and national small- and medium-sized businesses attract more qualified leads that convert to sales. We do this through a proven, proprietary mix of SEO and paid advertising methods tailored uniquely to your company’s goals. Our fun, flexible team is comprised of subject matter experts dedicated to improving your digital bottom line, fixing your broken marketing, and increasing your sales without increasing your advertising costs.

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About Maciej Godlewski

Maciej Godlewski is the Founder and CEO of Fired Up Digital, Inc. After hearing horror stories about search agencies and consultants treating clients poorly—and charging clients without delivering results—Maciej knew he wanted to fix the gaps he found in the marketing realm. He saw how easily specialists tossed around marketing jargon without explaining the ways that services help businesses, and he wanted his company to make a difference. Fired Up Digital has evolved into a nimble and fast-growing agency staffed with subject matter experts providing online marketing services with a human touch. Before Maciej founded Fired Up Digital, he worked for years in sales and marketing roles at technology companies in Boston and New York City. He specializes in PPC, SEO and lead generation for B2B and B2C businesses, and has led a multitude of successful online and offline marketing campaigns, managed developers, and grown companies that were later acquired by or made it onto the Inc. 500 list, such as ReadCube and Ivy Exec.

Maciej graduated from Harvard University with a degree in history and science. He spends his free time traveling at home and abroad, and after running two Boston Marathons, he is currently searching for his next challenge.

We boost your ROI

We grow your revenue by going beyond the basics, keeping a constant eye on converting traffic to sales. Our team’s top priority is helping your business grow, and we do this through our proven, proprietary mix of SEO and paid advertising methods. We build upon what already works, tirelessly expanding your reach and enhancing your sales numbers. We use data to validate our approaches and measure our progress.

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How we guarantee results

We don’t jeopardize your website by using questionable tactics to get results. At Fired Up Digital, we don’t jeopardize what already works for you and your website. Instead, we build on your successes, fixing the parts of your marketing that don’t produce a great return on investment, and delivering the ROI you want to see. No two projects are the same, so we work with you to develop a unique plan customized directly to your needs. Through our proven, proprietary mix of SEO and paid advertising methods, we help you reach more customers and convert more sales. Partner with us for a results-driven marketing experience.

We don’t lock our clients into long contracts, so there is no risk when trying us out. If you decide our proven methods for success aren’t for you, we’ll part ways amicably. We promise you’ll be impressed with the results, though. When you partner with us, the upside for your business is huge.

Set up your free, 30-minute strategy session here.

Set up your free, 30-minute strategy session here.