7 Tips for Engaging Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, if you don’t have social media accounts for your company, you’re missing out on customers. Lots of them.

People scan social media feeds all day long, and if you want them to stop by your website, you need to be getting helpful, usable information into their newsfeeds.

Your company needs a solid and engaging social media presence to keep top-of-mind, and we’ve got tips to make sure your social media marketing is on point.

7 Social Media Marketing Must-dos 

1. Check your tone.

When it comes to writing social media posts, your tone needs to be moderate and match your brand. Avoid being too friendly, but also avoid being too over-the-top business-focused. You want to shoot for professional, yet conversational.

2. Own your content creation.

While it’s tempting to simply repost existing, relevant content from around the internet, you’re going to want to create a lot of your material from scratch. Have your team create original content pieces that are in line with your brand and useful for your industry. Sure, you can still repost those great articles from other sources, but make sure you’re mixing them in with plenty of your own pieces.

3. Images and graphics are key.

You know how busy you are. When you skim through a social media feed, your eyes gravitate toward highly-visual content like images and videos. No one has spare time anymore, and it’s easier (and more exciting) to read a few words of a caption or watch a short video than to skim an entire paragraph of text.

4. Engage with your audience.

If you’ve got content that’s getting people talking, talk back! Reply to your readers when they comment, ask questions to get people conversing, create polls and more—anything you can think of to keep people discussing and coming back for more conversation.

5. #Increasevisibility.

Hashtags and tagging increase your social media visibility, but you don’t want to overdo either of them. They should happen organically within your post’s text—like tagging an account you’re referencing or working in a hashtag that makes sense with the material—and you don’t need to put them in every post. It’s a balancing act, really, and it’s best not to force it.

6. Get trendy.

You want to provide your audience with something useful, not just a lot of fluff. Do some research on a popular subject related to your industry, create an infographic with the results, and get those results to your social media followers. If you do this relatively regularly, your audience will start looking to your account for expertise.

7. Know your competition.

Keep any eye on the other companies in your industry to see what they’re doing. Maybe you’ll find a topic you never thought to write about, or an infographic style you like. Never directly copy and paste this information without permission from the creator, of course, but definitely be on the lookout for new ideas you can be using in your own content.

Your Audience is Key

While all of the above will help you create a truly engaging social media presence, none of it will work if you don’t have a good audience. You need active followers who are interested in what you do if you want to be able to engage with them across any platform.

Before you begin generating quality content, start your social media marketing off right by building your audience (especially since the average rate of engagement is usually around five percent). Consider starting a paid advertising campaign to attract new users while simultaneously creating fresh content to keep new visitors entertained and coming back for more.

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