5 Must-Do SEO Tips

When it comes to the ever-changing world of search engine optimization (SEO), understanding exactly what needs to be done to get your website ranked in search results can be extremely tricky.

That’s why we had one of our SEO experts put together a list of five must-do SEO tips and tactics that your company should be using to boost your website’s visibility.

Read on for our quick guide and answers to some of your burning SEO questions.


If You Do Nothing Else, Make These 5 SEO Tips Happen

1. You should be present on all major social media websites.

If you’ve ever scrolled through a Twitter or Facebook feed, this one might seem like a no-brainer. Having active social media accounts on all platforms that are appropriate for your business type is a must, and the key word there is “active.”

  • Be sure to post relevant, informative, valuable content regularly to maximize your exposure and the reach of your accounts.
  • Become familiar with user behavior and how to read the analytics involved in the different platforms. This will allow you to see which types of posts are working and what you should probably change in the future.

If you haven’t made time for social media yet, you should start today—some of the greatest conversions have come from engaging content posted on social media.

2. Keep your content updated.

Almost every business creates written internal and external content—such as newsletters, press releases, infographics, white papers, internal publications, external interviews, blog posts and more—and publishes it regularly. Adding these content pieces to your website will do several positive things. They will keep your website up-to-date and relevant so that customers clicking around will see that you are an actively creative team.

You’ll also be in the news more often if you continually provide copy for press releases or newsworthy blog posts. And, lastly, Google’s system will be forced to come back more often to index your content, helping you build authority through their algorithm and increasing your search rankings.

3. Make fast and mobile-friendly a priority.

If your company’s website is not mobile-friendly and doesn’t load quickly, you’re losing potential business! People have less free time than ever and, in this day and age, the vast majority of internet searches are coming from mobile devices.

  • The loading speed of a website is one of the most critically important ranking factors, even more so for mobile devices than for desktops.
  • Your company needs a website that can load quickly on a both a mobile device and on a desktop, if only to keep the attention of your digital customers.
  • Not to mention, mobile layout makes reading a website on a mobile device more convenient for viewers.

No matter what you are doing for your company’s marketing, a good rule of thumb is to remember that we’re in the “mobile age,” and everything needs to be optimized for mobile.

4. Your website’s code must be SEO optimized.

This is a to-do for your web developer because he or she will best understand the backend of your website (and it would take far too much space to explain the intricacies of each of these elements).

Important items to have your developer optimize include: your website’s SILO structure (if possible), META tags (especially title tags), ensuring H tags are being used properly, interlinking relevant pages of the website, maximizing SCHEMA, creating content based on keyword research (at least basic research that will provide some knowledge of estimated monthly searches and competitors) and SSL protocol.

Your developer will know how to fix these items, and we would be happy to speak with you regarding your SEO needs.

5. Have a presence on all platforms or websites where your potential customers can be found.

You know where your customers are coming from, so it’s important to make sure you’re visible to them. This improves your search result rankings because the number of links and traffic coming from different websites prove your website to be a valuable authority in your industry. When Google makes updates to its ranking algorithm, websites that do not have these links and traffic lose their position in the ranking order. Because changes are constantly made to search engine ranking algorithms on Google, it is also important not to rely solely on Google as a source of traffic. Being a part of these alternative platforms and websites gives your customers another method for finding your company, and that is always a good thing.

Are you interested in working to improve your website’s SEO? Our team of subject matter experts would be happy to assist you. Contact us today to set up your free, 30-minute consultation so we can discuss how to revolutionize your marketing strategy and double your qualified leads.

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